Ahmed Youssef


6 Class

2 weeks

4 Times/Week

15,000 EGP

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Let there be light.

Many movies are made or broken on the merits of their cinematography and imaging. 

Join Ahmed Youssef  in his four-days intensive workshop and become familiar with the tools that help a cinematographer "paint with light".
Participants will leave this Intensive program with the confidence to pursue the field through education or entry-level employment.
We're looking for candidates who demonstrate a passion for visual storytelling, are able to fully commit to a rigorous four-day program and show the maturity for collaboration and critique.

You are not required to have shot a film before submitting your application.


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Workshop Objectives

-Classes are four days, 12 hours/day.

-Participants should be prepared to spend the full day and most evenings in-house.

-Dinner will be provided during evening events.

Do it with passion or not at all